Thursday, January 23, 2014

Classes in Vienna :-)

Last year I taught quite a lot in a few places abroad and it was a WONDERFUL, new experience :-).  I met so many great people and talented students from all across Europe.
It was really great opportunity for me, to practice my teaching skills, see beautiful places and make new friends at the same time. 
This year I already made some exciting teaching plans and I'm still working on details of a few more trips :-). In this post I want to tell you about the very first workshop abroad I'll be teaching this year...

I have some good news for those who live in Austria and want to attend my classes (or those from other countries who want to visit the wonderful city of Vienna :-) ).
In March 2014 I'll be teaching "Twig rings" and "Herbarium pendant" classes there - each class twice.
„Twig Ring“ is a one day class that will take place on Monday, March 3rd and Friday, March 7th.
„Herbarium Pendant“ takes place on two days: Tuesday and Wednesday, March 4/5th and Sat.and Sunday, March 8/9th. There are still a few places available.
More information (In German) can be found here:
English speakers, feel free to contact Sulie Girardi (the hostess of the class - amazing person - we met during my classes in Netherlands :-) ) through FB or email ( for details.

Just to tickle your fancy ;-)  - I visited Vienna a few years ago, and this is my favourite place there, and my favourite dish :-). It's a really magical city.


  1. did you have a Sacher Torte at Sacher's

  2. sounds super exciting - good luck :)

  3. Hey! Will u teach classes in Vienna anytime soon? Would love to take a class with u!!