Thursday, May 9, 2013

New experiences coming ;)

Long time since I last wrote here - it's not because I forgot about my blog ;) - I'm simply super busy. And productive. I had to add this, because being busy doesn't always mean that something constructive is happening.
This post will be very short, because in a few hours I have to catch a plane to United Kingdom, Leeds. A few months ago I wrote here about a class I would teach at Lynne Glazzard's studio. Well, it's happening :) and the class will take place this weekend. This is very exciting and a bit stressful for me (aaaa!! the first class ever I'll conduct in English. Luckily I can also draw or use sign language ;) ), but I really can't wait to meet all these wonderful metal clay artists that will attend the class. I'll finally meet those people whose works I admired for such a long time online.
I had been preparing for this class to the last moment, and this morning I finished a few new class samples (all but one from the photo above sold, so I needed to prepare something new to show). Here they are.  The photo isn't good, because my more "professional" camera is already packed in my luggage, but still, I'm quite happy with them :). I hope we all will have great time together, and some beautiful pieces will be created :). When I'm back, I promise, I'll write a long post :)))), this time about quite cool thing I tested recently - flash drive enclosure kit. Really neat tool, that helps to build nice pen drive enclosures, using metal clay.
So, wish me luck and "see" you soon :).


  1. gorgeous pieces :)

    have an awesome time at the workshop - wish I could go, but the UK is a bit far for me to travel :)

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