Friday, September 28, 2018

New classes and my schedule for 2019

Some exciting news today :-). A little bit about my new classes for 2019 and some information about where and when I'll be teaching next year. Hopefully you will find something for yourself in this post :-). While I am still talking with a few studios about details (so new places might be added to the list), what you find below is already confirmed.

So - first the new classes. For 2019 I prepared three new classes - 3 days, 2 days and 1 day.

1) The three days class - "Fantasy eyes" is packed with lots of different techniques, featuring an eye motif (hollow from the back), various, sculptural ornaments which create a narrative context for the eye and a bezel set stone (the shape of the stone is your choice).
The eye can be made into a dragon eye, as pictured, but also an eye of the ocean etc. - depending on your preference when comes to additional ornaments. Wonderful textures, interesting shapes, lots of tricks for creating secure openwork constructions in metal clay, semi hollow forms and working with wet coils - this is what this workshop is about.

Every student will leave the workshop with their own, different „Fantasy eye”, so this workshop is not only an opportunity to learn new, technical skills, but also a treat for your creative self.

2) The "Climbing rose" is a 2 days workshop featuring really ususual, elongated beadcap construction, adorned with beautiful, fully handmade, climbing flowers, interlacing coils and other small ornaments.

Interesting construction techniques, making long hollow tubes without using extruder, working with coils wet and dry (various approaches) – this is what this workshop is about.

Pieces created during this class may look in many different ways – you don't have to make climbing roses (though we will be focusing on this). For those interested I will show you for example how to make beautiful morning glories. We will also be making a matching, flowery, articulated bail for your pendant.
As usually in case of my classes - using the same set of techniques everyone can create something slightly different.

3) "Treasured trees"
 is a one day class for those who love Nature, (obviously :-) ) trees and playing with textures.

It features a three dimensional tree pendant, hollow from the back (very lightweight), covered with beautiful, organic bark texture. In a tree hole there is a cubic zirconia – little hidden treasure. This class is about playing with hand created textures, creating a believable, yet stylized tree form and making a strong openwork construction. This class can be done both in bronze or silver.
Originally I designed this class for the amazing You Can Make It conference in United Kingdom, and after that I decided to add it to my portfolio of classes.

In 2019, on request of different studios I will also be teaching a few classes from the previous years - so, so far -  the "Twig ring", "Herbarium pendant", "Mushroom dreams" and "Heart Deco", known also as "Pillow effects" :-).

The schedule

As I said - I am still talking about a few other dates and locations, but I wanted to give you what I already know for sure. The classes are filling quickly, some are already full, so I didn't want to wait longer with announcing the dates (I know that quite a few of you don't know the studios I am working with, aren't on any studios' mailing lists, so the only way you can learn about the classes is from me).

1) January - I am starting my teaching trips from my usual visit to Inge Verbruggen's studio in Belgium. I'll be teaching there three classes.
- "Fantasy eyes" - 11-13th of January, which is already full (you can sign for the waiting list if you want)
- "Herbarium pendant" - 14-15th of January - last time I talked to Inge there was one last place available (!)
- "Twig rings" - places still available, and probably this is the last opportunity to take this class in Belgium - I already taught it there 6 or 7 times.
You can contact Inge via her website or her Facebook page.

2) February - At the beginning of the month I'll be teaching two classes in United Kingdomat Leigh Armstrong's invitation.
- "Mushroom dreams" 1-3rd of February - this class is sold out
- "Twig rings" 4th of February - sold out too, but bear with me for a few more captions ;-) I am teaching a few more times in UK in 2019.

3) April - I'll be teaching again in USA - McKinney, Texas. For the third time I'll visit the amazing Three Frog Alley run by Judy Darrow and Dana Brock.
- "Mushroom dreams" - 1-3rd of April
- "Climbing roses" -  4-5th of April
- "Twig ring" - 6th of April
- "Fantasy eyes" - 8-10th of April
- "Heart Deco" - 11-12th of April
You can find the information about availability and everything else there is to know on the Three Frog Alley website. You can sign up online there, or you can contact Judy and Dana if you have any questions.

4) May - I'll be teaching in UK twice. First at Debbie France's studio in Kent, and then at Julia Rai's Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery (CSACJ).

At Debbie's I will teach two classes:
- "Fantasy eyes" - 2-4th of May
- "Climbing rose" - 5-6th of May
You can contact Debbie via her website to ask for details and sign up.

At CSACJ I will teach also those two workshops:
- "Fantasy eyes" - 26-28th of May
- "Climbing rose" - 30-31st of May
You can sign up for these classes via CSACJ's website.

5) July is United Kingdom again. I will visit wonderful Tracey Spurgin of Craftworx in East Yorkshire and Helen Drye in North Yorkshire.

At Craftworx I will teach two workshops:
- "Fantasy eyes" - 4-6th of July (this workshop is already sold out)
- "Twig rings" - 7th of July
You can contact Tracey via her website to sign up. You will find there all the details you need.

At Helen's studio I will also teach two classes:
- "Herbarium pendant" - 9-10th of July (only two places left!)
- "Mushroom dreams" -  11-13th of July
You will find here all the information about Herbarium class, and for the Mushroom class here.

6) August 2019 I'll be in USA again. I will visit Connecticut (Metal Clay Mojo 2019 conference - the info for 2019 will be published soon - I wil teach there one class - the "Climbing rose" - and do some presentations) and  Pennsylvania (Lara Ginzburg) and maybe one more place- time will show. Hopefully I'll be able to edit this part of my post really soon and provide all the details :-).

At Lara's, Philadelphia area, I'll be teaching two classes:
- "Climbing rose" - 21-22 of August
- "Fantasy eyes" - 23-25 of August
You can contact Lara to sign up for these classes via her website or on Facebook.

Ok, so that's it for now :-). After August I really need to come back to my home studio to make some jewellery ;-).


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