Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A few updates on my upcoming classes

Not so long  ago I came back from Belgium, where I taught three different workshops - my first classes abroad  in 2015. It was actually the second time I taught at Inge Verbruggen's studio (first was July 2014) - she is a great hostess and a friend. We met for the first time during my workshops in Netherlands in 2013, and later during a retreat in UK. This is what I love about metal clay community - it makes the world a really small place ;-).

Sooo :-), in this post I just wanted to leave here an update on a few of my upcoming classes that are already (or soon will be ) opened for registration.

First place is Hamburg, Germany:
10th April - Twig rings
11-12th April - Herbarium pendants
To register contact Susan Diana Wilson

And then, later in the year, you'll be able to meet me in several places in USA:

1. At the Metal Clay Mojo Conference in Chester, Connecticut I'll teach my "Herbarium pendants" twice, as a pre and  a post conference class - August 18-19th & August 24-25th.
The contact person is Lis-el Crowley.

2. Then I'll visit Lara Ginzburg in Philadelphia area, PA. August 29-30th I'll teach there my "Herbarium pendants" and then again the same class August 31st & September 1st.

3. The last place will be Chicago, Illinois. At Jackie Truty's Art Clay World USA I'll teach my "Herbarium pendants" class - September 5-6th.

I'll let you know about my other classes abroad this year (in Europe) a little bit later. We are still in the process of arranging things :-).

And here is a class sample I made during my "Herbarium" workshops in Belgium, in February. It was a Valentine's day ;-).

Every time a piece is a little bit different, showing possibilties of creating different shapes, looks etc.
I taught this class in so many places, and each time I am amazed  by how varied are the final pieces made by the students - all created with the same set of techniques :-).
So, stay tuned and, hopefully, I'll see some of you, my dear Readers, during my workshops ;-).

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