Friday, November 16, 2012

A season of gifts :)

I'm very busy right now (well, who isn't? :) ) - a season of gifts is coming. I'm trying to make some things for sale and lots of custom orders. I have quite a hard time keeping control over all of this - I definitely have to formulate some neat email managing system - preferably Email Answering Fairy™...;)
Here you can see some of my work in progress. Some of these designs are new, some are older, but each time I recreate one of my designs I make it in a slightly different way. I believe we all deserve to wear really unique things :).

You can see it for example here. On the left there is my Spiral of Life design I made a year ago. It's a small, everyday pendant. In the middle there is version I made once in bronze. And on the right there is the newest version I finished yesterday. Each unique, each having its own character. This is the magic of handmade things and that's why they are the best gifts ever. :)
And, speaking of "the best" things ;) - I wanted to say huge thanks to Metal Clay Today for mentioning my blog in their "Best of the Blogs" section :). So many nice words - this is really motivating! Especially that I'm blogging only for a few months, and I was seriously full of doubts if there is any sense in writing all these things (besides training my language skills and indulging my inner scribbler -there is always sense in that ;) ). By the way - I recently became a subscriber of Metal Clay Today magazine, and it is seriously a must read. A lot of interesting articles, projects, challenges etc.
Ok, that's all for now I think, and I hope that next post will be (FINALLY) about Michelle Glaeser's green gold (SO GREAT!). You can see a few photos from my experiments on her blog already.

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